makin’ my own marbles, thank you very mootch

April 17, 2009

And here we are…at the weird looking little blog…yep, this site is in transition, from what I understand i’ll be able to incorporate this into my homepage, but I haven’t figured out how to do that yet…stay tuned..

I’m heading into town for a marble class today…i’ve never made marbles, should be fun to learn…Heather Trimlett is in town for two days, teaching marbles and buttons…I could prob stand to learn both but I made a choice and am sticking with it…

Its raining today, which is good and bad…the dog wont want to go outside, and i can’t take her for our usual walk, so she’s gonna have to find a place to hide in the backyard…she’s got some good spots, she’ll stay dry, she always has in the past…but i’m thankful for the rain, the weather is so werid nowadays that I’m glad to get any rain at all anymore…did you see that 1500 farmers in India committed suicide because their crops went dry? its a crazy world out there…

I’ll shoot some pics on my phone and maybe download the iPhone app for wordpress and see if I can upload them..I’m trying to do everything all at once – what else is new…that sounds about like me…wait…wait…wait…do-it-all-right-now…der…

ok then, I need to get ready to head on out…more later babies…feel free to comment, i’ve got them wide open for your input…

and as always, rock on…



  1. Waiting for photo uploads!

  2. Right the hell on!

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