I do love the rain

April 18, 2009

its been raining the past two days…deep, hard rain with lots of thunderboomers and lightening…no damage, no hail, no bad things, just lotsa water for the trees and birds…its been a good coupla days for the garden…yum…

i see there are comments to my posts – but I don’t know how to publish them yet…still learning…thanks for bearing with me…Brian mentioned something about working on the blog code today, i think its a good day to do it, don’t you? (and thanks for the comments, I’m gonna see how to publish them right now)…

We’re heading into Austin a little later to pick up yesterday’s marbles…I bought a 6-1 marble mold and a ‘grab-it’ tool in case the marble gets loose on the table (I dropped one on the carpet yesterday and it burnt up a nice portion of the floor mat…Lydia said it smelled like BBQ – that’s some interesting BBQ!)…I am REALLY excited about the whole marble thing, tho..Its much easier to make them than I realized…granted, I’m not getting perfect swirls, so I’m making bad ones right now…its harder to make ‘nice’ ones, but that’s true of anything…I look at my old beads and just cringe at the thought of having strung and worn them at one time…sheesh…uuuuugly!  anyway, I bought tools to make more, and hope to practice them after making my beads for the day…(my quota)…today is a good day to make beads, with all the rain and thunder going outside while i’m snuggled dry inside the studio…Pics to come, I swear (I think we made 4 marbles in total, but learned LOTs and i took notes on it all)…

Heather Trimlett is a really groovy teacher and person…i had always seen her work at B&B and knew her name, but had never met her, so I was happy to have an opportunity to learn from her…she’s great! and she brought some of her beads/marbles with her, which was a treat…I was tickled to get to see her make her trademark twisty and apply it to a hollow bead and make tiny dots with a regular sized rod instead of a stringer…she’s very precise and a neat lampworker – something i can appreciate cause I like neatness in my work and work space as well…today she’s teaching buttons, but I didn’t sign up for that class, I kinda taught myself buttons a while back and the class was already full, so I let it be…i can try buttons another day…

There is a new addition to the studio as of yesterday…the stray I’ve been feeding, and we named “Shoeless Joe” has come into the studio and now doesn’t want to leave…He has been coming into the studio to eat, but then leaving after he was finished…then little by little he’d stay for an hour, then two hours, then longer…but he always wanted to leave…which was fine, it was normally quiet and dark out so he wasn’t in danger of being hit by a car…Yesterday i found him in the rain, drinking out of the gutter (literally), so I drew him into the studio for some food, and left him in there while I went to class…Brian brought home a new litter box and visited him afterwork – thinking he’d want to race out the door…nope…he was stretching and lazily relaxing in the studio…Last night we visited him again, and left the door open so he could leave if he wanted…he walked to the door, looked around, then came inside…and then proceeded to do lots of twists and turns on the floor to let us know he was quiet happy….he’s still not happy with anyone petting him, but that’ll change, I’m sure…anyone want a soft cream colored orange kitty who’s not very old?  We have a litter box and toys you can take with him…heh…


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