I’m ready for some new colors

April 19, 2009

This isn’t Shoeless Joe, but it looks a lot like him…Joe is more destructive than this docile kitty…

Status UPDATE:  Brian has successfully imported all my old blog entries going back to 2003, and he’s recreated this blog on our dev computer to test it…he was ready to publish, when he ran into a snag with our host company who needs to move our website to a newer server with more up to date software on it…he’s got a service ticket request with them so once they move the pages to the new server, he can finish the blog/website work and this will then be all resolved…thanks for hanging tough, i know change is hard, but I want to be able to update on the fly w/out having to run back to my computer, especially when i’m in a class, in a show, or in the garden…updating from my phone is so groovy…

Its been a couple of weeks that I’ve been workig in the same color family, I think I’ve made enough (is it really ever enough?) beads in those colors and am moving on…to bright colors…the Catalina Island colors…I think folks might want some colorful beads, and we all know I prefer making the more classic color beads, so I am moving out of my normal territory and into something I don’t do often…Brights…I wanna just play and goof around with them and see what happens…no pressure, just fun…yeah right…

I made my first two marbles by myself last night…the first one survived, the other exploded in the kiln…I think I left it in the marble mold too long, which sucked all the heat from it…live and learn…gotta dump those marbles outta the mold before they ‘splode…good thing to remember…keep that in mind…the other one that is still in tact (I think, as I haven’t been to the studio to check on it yet) is pretty ugly…its all practice right now…so I expect lotsa ug to go with these poor marbles…what a waste of glass! I should be using really ugly colors to waste…like cobalt blue – ugh, i never use that color ever ever ever…maybe I’ll make loads of marbles in it then…why waste the good glass on bad marbles?

The windows are open, the humidity is low, the sun is out, the cats are in the windows snoozin’ and the dog is being walked..I’m heading to the studio to pull the new colors, make new twisties, pull new stringer and get ready for tomorrow…then I’m gonna play and make some marbles and probably lotsa spacers…my day is planned before I walk out the door…I kinda like it that way…

I’ll be curious to see if Shoeless Joe has destroyed anything at the studio when I get there…I think the batteries for the camera are now charged, I ‘ll shoot some pics…


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