Shoeless Joe will have none of it

April 20, 2009

After weeks of luring the young male (intact of course..sigh) orange kitty to the studio w/ canned food and water, he’s now made it his home and has NO interest in leaving whatsoever…We’ve had the door open the past few days to enjoy the weather, and he looks out the door, but doens’t go out the door…which is fine, I’m not asking him to leave, but I find it funny that after all the days of him being afraid to enter the studio, and then panicking if I closed the door, and clawing at the door to leave – now he just doesn’t want to…I think we all are like that at times – I don’t wanna be here, oh wait, now that I’m having fun, i don’t wanna leave here…

We could not have asked for a nicer Spring, its still in the 60’s in the mornings w/ sunshine and cool breezes…typically its already hot and humid by now…so we are all reveling in it…even the rain is welcome…the birds are calling, the dog is barking at the lawnmower (had to bring her indoors to stop that), the cats are in the windows soaking up the sights and sounds…its a great day here in Texas (are we still one of the 50 states? I can’t keep track anymore)…

I made a couple more marbles yesterday, trying a different way of doing them…they sure do like to fall off the punties…I need to work on that…at least neither of them exploded (I swept the shards of the sploded marble outta the kiln yesterday)…I finished working in the Shepherd’s Bush colors, put all those away and pulled out Catalina Island (bright) rods, twisties and stringer…I’m ready to go, I just need to get over there…I was there till midnight last night…it might be another long day…time to make the donuts…


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