Colors, colors

April 21, 2009

I’ve been playing around with the various backgrounds in WordPress, and i like this deep blue one…there’s also one with the most wonderful deep olive green/chartreuse kinda green that I love…but I’m gonna take it easy on you for now and keep the deep blue…i like it just as much..plus the big ball w/ the holes in it is kinda graphically groovy…

Brian is working hard on the whole backend of the blog, its still moving along…

I was at the studio till after 1:00am last night…makes for a fun night, but not so much a fun morning…still, I was awake at 8:30 when the power went out at the house, and didn’t come back on till 9:00am…I was able to get my shower and dry my hair, and reset the oven and microwave clocks, and I hope whatever the city is doing, they figure it out and don’t cut the power again today…my freezer would appreciate it too…

Shoeless Joe (we just call him “joe”) has been exploring more the studio, which means he’s been all over my work station, which makes me crazy…he’s already upended my dipped mandrels…twice…I’ve yelled at him, but he doesn’t really care…he just looks at me like I’m stupid…he was on the top of the shelves where I store my glass sniffing the top of the lamp, like he might need to launch from it…had to stop that…now that he’s bored on the ground, he’s finding high places to go…his food was tossed all over when I got here, like he had flipped the bowl and used the nuggets as hockey pucks…at least he hasn’t missed the litter box…my right hand is completely stripped of skin, its a scratching post attached to my arm…he’s full grown, but still quite the playful kitty who likes to grab and bite…what have I done…I like my docile kitties at the house…he will calm down, right…?


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