I feel rejected…

April 23, 2009

How funny is this now….but the stray kitty, Shoeless Joe has rejected me and its bothering me…I brought him into the studio last Friday while he was wet and miserable…he’s been inside, these past few days, playing, eating, rolling, singing, and having a ball…we’ve enjoyed him immensely and its been fun having a kitty in the studio…but yesterday, his demeanor changed..he was crabby and vocal and not happy at all…he wanted to go outside more than stay inside…he wasn’t playful and seemed anxious…my guess is that he’s on the prowl looking for chicks…he needs to be fixed to settle him down…so today, he’s out and about, prowling around, he comes inside and yells at me, then heads back outside to the lot next door, and under the cars in the parking lot…I hope he doesn’t get hit…he’s been outside enough to know how to navigate the street, but anything can happen…I wonder where it’ll all go from here…its been an interesting week with him here, that’s fer shure…

I needed to get caught up on my beads yesterday, and ended up making 6 squeeze bracelets, 4 for the day, and 2 that I didn’t make on Tuesday…I didn’t sleep well at all last night and now my eyes are drooping…I think I need some sleep…but I plan on making some pretty easy beads today, nothing too taxing or taking too much skill…that sounds promising, huh…

I am going to try and upload some garden pics to this site…I spent the morning planting my purple basil, deadheading roses, watering everyone, snapping shots of the swallowtail chrysalii on the bronze fennel, cleaning out the bird bath, refilling the bird feeders, and various other necessary chores that I very much enjoy doing…my plan is to be able to upload images from my phone to this blog…lets see if I can make that happen, shall we?


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  1. I took in a stray once and it was a wonderful kitty for a week. Then it wanted to get out, out out. He never came back. I think strays befriend families and then eventually they’re done using ya and want to go back to being independent, or go back to their “real” home.

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