Pics from camera aren’t posting

April 24, 2009

There must be a bug in the WP app for the iPhone, cause it allowed me to post yesterday’s followup post just fine, but when i tried adding pics, it rebooted and said ‘no no no no no’…could be a bug in the app, that’s my guess…so for now i have to add photos from the computer…rats…

Joe was a little more accomdating yesterday afternoon, once he got all greasy from climbing under cars and trucks in the street…he came inside, ate, and napped, then layed down next to my chair and snoozed..he seemed calmer than he’s been…we’ll see what today brings…

I didn’t get much done yesterday as far as beads made, but I got loads of stuff strung and built…I had 12 bracelets to string, and found some beads I had forgotten about and made 4 additional strands out of those…I guess today will be a bead-MAKING day since there’s very little to clean…I started making some troll beads, but got bored with them…they were kinda plain and boring, and after 18 of them, I moved onto a new squeeze set…nothing fancy, just some simple stuff but it was easier than staring at the boring ones…

The studio is getting HOT during the day, the kiln and generator are really steaming the place up…I’ve been putting off using the a/c as long as I can, and just leaving the door open for cool air (if you call 86 ‘cool’)…looks like summer is here…at least the water is back on…the other day the water just stopped running…we didn’t know what had happened…turns out the city was working on the main line and had to turn it off…eventually it came back on…its troubling to be w/out water, but even worse to be w/out power…bah…



  1. Ahhh … Fatboy Slim’s ‘Wonderful Night’ … might have to download that one!

  2. Oh My Goodness!!!! Now that was tooooooooooo funny!!!!!

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