cleaning up the place

April 26, 2009

Carolina Wren
Brian has been doing lots of backend work on the website, and he hopes to have it published one day this week…the blue will be gone, the cocoa color will return, the menu buttons are back, my green front door is back, and not all the links work yet…still, it’ll be easier to maintain and update from afar and I’m looking forward to it…

I’ve been looking over all the blathering I’ve been doing of late, and man, I sure do type a lot…ugh…I need to post MORE PICS and LESS WORDS…seriously…

I need a new camera, tho, something I can take with me and something that doens’t eat batteries so fast…I’ll be on the lookout for that, it’ll make posting pics here much easier…i’ve hated my Sony camera ever since I bought it…stupid camera (and stupid me, I guess)..

We have a pair of nesting Carolina Wrens in the top most portion of our ceiling fan that’s on our front porch…its wonderful..I’ve been watching them take nesting material in and out…they land on the fan blades and bounce into the nest…needless to say, we aren’t running the fan now, and we turn the light off at night so they can sleep…I love these little birds, and am so happy to have a pair to entertain us again…Brian is going to get on a ladder and take pics of the nest and hopefully clutch of eggs…since the cardinals don’t come around any longer, it’ll be nice to have some teeny birds for spring…

I’m heading to the studio to hang out w/ Joe and make some marbles…and more purple beads…its gonna be a good day…I’m ready for some breakfast…


One comment

  1. Wow…nice pic of the wren…glad I found another nature lover! I live in the concrete jungles of Southern California and I wished we had little wrens to watch nesting.

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