My right hand is a mess

April 27, 2009

marvelous marbles - not mine, tho
I thought this was a pretty pic of marbles…they aren’t mine, tho…

Joe has been doing what kitties do and taking bits of me with him…i woke up with my new scratches hurting, even tho I’ve washed them…and he took a nice chunk out of the heel of my right hand, which lays against the keyboard when I type, so its painful, blah blah…cats…

I made a few marbles yesterday, just to keep in practice so I don’t lose what I learned in class…I’m one of those ‘note takers’ who writes it all down, but then needs to actually DO the project or I’ll forget what my notes are telling me…I also bought some of the small bits to make some marble holders in order to transport the marble from my torch to the kiln…I had been using the marble mold, but if the marble sits in it too long, it’ll explode. the new tweezer like tools work great, except when the marble I make is too small and rolls thru the tweezer hole…hilarity ensues…


One comment

  1. Hy Donna! I tagged you on my blog… it is an easy one 😉

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