Rain makes weird things happen

April 28, 2009

Its been raining almost non-stop the past 48 hours and i’ve been enjoying it, but the rain always makes the weirdos come out of the woodwork…Shoeless Joe is racing around the studio, probably from feeling cooped up and not able to go outside…I let him out yesterday and he proceeded to run around in the street – traffic and all….I let him back out last night while it was quieter, much less traffic and he was lost into the night for hours…he finally showed up again when it was time to shut the place down…I wasn’t sure he was going to stay inside or out, but he chose inside…every day is something new with him – this morning I found Bullseye from my backstock rack that was tossed on the ground…and busted…he likes to splash his waterbowl after he uses his litterbox, so I get to clean it up…I’ve stopped putting water in the bowl now, (doesn’t take much to train me) cause he also gets water from various bowls/glasses I keep stocked for silversmithing and beadmaking…

I spent last week on bright colors and this week, yesterday, I just couldn’t look at them anymore…i don’t know what to do with bright opaques, it just doesn’t speak to me…I will tackle them one day this week, I know I will, but instead I shifted gears back to my neutrals and the beads just popped into the kiln one by one…its funny how I can feel blocked by one thing and inspired by another…I guess I just work in what I like and what I enjoy…bright colors aren’t it…I love to look at them, but working with them is not my forte…noted…

I feel like making some pendants again, the ones I used to make on the end of the mandrel, and add the little loop ring for hanging…with all the new info I’ve learned since I first made those (2004?), I think I could come up with some groovy new ideas…we’ll see…I need to clear all these bright colors off my table first, and I’m not quite ready to give up on those yet…I see a LOT of studio time in my future…



  1. Are you going to sell any of those beautiful pendants??? I sure hope so!!

  2. well, the ones in the picture are many years old i’m afraid…but they are what I’m gonna be making again, perhaps next week…I wish I still had those to look at, but maybe this next batch will be nicer…I can only hope…

  3. I’m not going to be able to stay for the shopping event at B&B, any way I can sneak a peak and a purchase in the days leading up to Thurs. night?

    • I’ll be at B*B starting Saturday May 30, and will have my stuff with me…contact me and we can meet up anytime while you’re there…I’m taking classes starting Sunday – Wed, so I’ll be around…email me and I can give you my phone number and you can text me to make arrangements…I took stuff with me to class last year and sold it during break, so I’ll be doing that again this year…

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