Hello creatures…

April 29, 2009

Do you have HUMAN fever too?

I’ve been working long and hard…last night till nearly 1:00am again..kiln full of beads…I have some marbles to make as well…they are really ugly right now, I’m using old cobalt blue glass that I don’t particularly like, and I made unintentional indentions in the marbles when I removed the punty (the rod holding the marble) and heated the end of it into the marble…got it a little TOO hot and it allowed the marble tweezer to leave a slight indention…der…gotta work on that…I have a new marble mold on its way, tho, and I look forward to using it…sweet…

I tend to come home a bit wired when I work late, I don’t get sleepy until I hit the wall around 2:00am..poor Brian woke up when I got home and I made him listen to me rattle on and on…he has to get up at 5:00am…at least he can nap when he gets home…I, on the other hand, get my sleep in the morning and don’t nap during the day…maybe I ought to…



  1. I just got in from out of town, and caught up on your blog… I love those pendants!! I have the little guy in the middle and I know we had a name for him..can you remember?? 🙂

    Joe sure is cute!

  2. i don’t remember their names, no…i wonder if I could even find where I named them…prob in an old Paypal receipt somewhere…wow, that would take some digging…maybe I’ll have to go searching…

  3. I remembered mine..little guy was “burp”…. 🙂

    • that is awesome… i can see why I named him that…!

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