I’m feelin a bit groggy in the mornings

April 30, 2009


My work day has been taking me from noon to 2:00am…so in the mornings, I’m a bit groggy..now, that doesn’t mean I’m WORKING NON STOP from noon till 2, it just means I get to the studio and then return home at those hours…I do have to clean beads, and order stuff and clean up after the mess Joe makes, and water plants and check email and junk like that…I finally get to really starting underway around 5:00pm and then work as much as I can…last night I played a little MarioKart on the Wii against ppl in other cities (last night it was Andrea Guarino)…we have a great time busting into each other, throwing bananas and turtle shells to stop one another, and pretty much running off the road and hitting walls…its a good thing we don’t drive like that in real life, I suppose…

so each morning I’m a bit more groggy than the last…i slept hard last night, once I finally got to bed, until this morning when Clementine hit me on the mouth with her big fuzzy paw…she doesn’t like me to stay in bed too long, and she lets me know there’s pettin to be doing, and I’m not getting it done…she ‘helps’ me make the bed by running all over it while I pull the covers up and its quite entertaining…

I ordered a marble mold, and some new glass and its being held hostage at the post office, so I’m heading over there after walking the dog…I think I might just have to make some marbles today…that sounds like fun…


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