Is it Friday…that’s a good thing…

May 1, 2009

I'm hiding from the world, you can't see me here...

I'm hiding from the world, you can't see me here...

I’m tired and ready to take a break…but I need to keep working…I’m very happy with the beads I’ve been making, and am thinking I will leave these un-strung so folks can dig thru a bowl and make their own strands…what do you think? Do you like diggin thru bead bowls for treasure? Or is it tedious and a drag?

I need to get up, walk the dog, get a shower, change the cat box and get to work…I need to stop staying up till 2am…tired…but its Friday, maybe I’ll sleep tomorrow…or maybe I’ll just keep working…I think I need more earrings…if its not one thing, its another…but I did order a cool looking carrying case to take the beads to the show in…I hope I like it…I’ve been looking for display stands as well, I need to order more of those, or find a variety of display stands…Its gonna be an interesting month, I tells ya!



  1. Oh my gosh…give me a digging bowl anytime. I can spend endless amounts of time playing, touching, matching beads. It’s pretty ridiculous. But it also reinforces a study I just read about that discussed the pychological (geez, that one is touch to spell! still wrong) affect of touching products. A much higher percentage of folks buy when they can touch. They develop an “emotional tie” with the item. I know if I just want to look, then I don’t touch. When I touch…oh geez, get out the wallet. And the longer I touch…ach!

    • that’s exactly what I was hoping. friends of mine made sure to stress that I need a n orphan bowl. I’m all for it. it makes my life easier to let y’all pick and choose your favorites. and there is psychological info to back it up. even better!

  2. I like to dig, too. Hence the need for many hours of shopping time. Can’t wait to see all the beads you’ll have at the show. This will be the first show I’ve been to and I’m pretty excited.

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